Ine / Master Stylist

Born in Årdal but started my hairdressing career in Høyanger, a teeny tiny place in Sogn og Fjordane, from there I worked my way to Bergen and now Oslo at KUTT. To become a better hairdresser and see things in different perspective I took a year at NISS Make-up. With all that newly found knowledge, I started working at KUTT as a hairdresser with make-up as second specialty.


I have been a hairdresser for 6 years and have done many different things. From Bridal hair and makeup to art make-up, fashion runways, photoshoots and everyday styling tips and tricks.  When the oppertunety comes by, I go on courses and inspirasjon tours, because that’s what fun about this profession, you are never done learning new stuff.


I love using free time researching new techniques to achieve the best result and always stay on top of my game. Precision cuts and clean “simple” haircuts and color is what I love. I strongly believe in cuts and colors that look nice straight out of the salon, but also 3 months later. I think a lot about home styling and how to look and feel good, even if it has been to long since you visited us. Communication is key!


I pour my heart and soul for hairdressing. 

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