Anine / Master stylist

Anine was born in Oslo and raised in Gjerdrum Akerhus. Anine has always been a girly girl with her moms high heels, makeup and dresses. She did so much with her first dolls hair that she had to get a new almost every month.Cutting them shorter and shorter, curled it, braided it and styled the hell out of them. Dolls started to get boring, so cutting her friends hair was a new hit!

With years of cutting and coloring her friends hair, she decided to apply to Adam and Eva hairdresser school in Oslo, and started working at Adam and Eva Majorstua. After one and a half year there she became one of us. She now works full time at KUTT and could not think of leaving!

Anine has worked at many different styling events. Oslo fashion week, Oslo trend, different designers, Donna Loanna, Min mote, Upp and many more.

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