Ine / Master Stylist

Ine Marie was born in Årdal, Sogn og Fjordane. In kinder garden she cut her own hair, and decided already then that she wanted to be a hairdresser. She took a big interest in braids and braided hers and everybody else’s hair.

Ine moved away from home when she was 16 and started the journey to become a hairdresser at Eid VGS studying Design, and then to Høyanger VGS at Hairdressing. She had her two years of apprenticeship in Bergen at DaDa Hårstudio. Despite her great passion for hair, she also found herself wanting to experiment with make-up. Because of this she applied to NISS.

At NISS she did everything from theatrical make-up, avant-garde, beauty, fashion and movie make-up. She loves to do photoshoots with focus on both hair and make-up. She is excited about her future, and is utterly certain it will include cutting, coloring and creative make-up.

“Do everything you do, the best you can do, and you will conquer the world!”

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