Prins Anders / Artistic Stylist

Raised in a humble lifestyle on the  westcoast of Norway, Anders became rich in many different ways. He spent alot of time alone in the nature, and developed a great imagination. 

By the age of four he stated that he wanted to be a hairdresser.
By the age of six he stated that every heart has its own colour.

When he turned 16 he began working in a salon and after graduating he made his way to the top of the rainbow. 

Anders has a diverse experience.
Not only, almost 2 decades as a hairstylist (happytimesflyfast), he's also educated in make-up and styling, been working in training of other hairstylists, he's a NM champion- 2009, and got a bachelor degree in teaching- 2014.

He belive that everyone has that little sparkle-sometimes you just need someone to lead you to it.

And dont forget to let love rule...

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