Emeli / Advanced Stylist

Emeli is our swedish girl, but only half.She also have genes from Narvik, so a real firecracker 

After attending 2 years in art school she decided to 
continue with the art of color and shape in a new kinda way, hair. 
Said and done, three years lather she gratuaded in 2012 and ready too get down! 

After a few years working in Sweden Emeli did like the swedes and moved to Oslo. After working 2 years in a salon down town  she finally found
Her way up too us. She's now been working on Kutt for 1,5 years, and is one hell of a nerd. "I Love the technique,  chemestry and how it all comes together"
Besides filling the salons with lovely colors and creativity she always goes around humming 
On the song coming from the speakers, bringing a smile a where's she looks. 

"I have always loved things. 
Just things in the world.
I love trying to find the 
Shape of things. "
-Leonard Cohen

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