Summer ended what to do with your hair?

Posted by Kutt Grünerløkka on 9. Aug 2017

Summer 2017 is over, your hair might be lighter from the sun (witch we all love)

But is also have its downs, now your hair needs love and care.

Kutt grunerløkka will save your hair!!

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A more detailed explanation; 

When your hair is out in the sun, the hair needs protection just like your skin for example. Your skin gets sunburned and red, that is exactly what happens to your hair when it gets lighter.

What happens is the currant pigment slowly fade, the hair gets dry and crunchy and might break. What the hair needs is MOISTURE, MOISTURE AND MORE MOISTURE!

Will highly recommend a good salon treatment with a cut to get rid of split ends and sooth over the cuticle.

The cure we have here at Kutt grunerløkka is a deeper more concentrated mix than you can get for home use.

Is your hair in desperate for moisture? Give us a call, 21043340 or book appointment online ;)


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