Winter hair!

Posted by Kutt Grünerløkka on 10. Nov 2016

Hair changes during our seasons.

It's easy to forget that you have to adapt your hair care routine after seasons. Hair behaves in one way during the summer and another in winter. This is something that most people are experiencing as annoying, but calm down and follow these simple advice!

You don't have to replace the entire product ensemble , you can store away the ones you have now and take them out when the weather changes again. Investing in few,but good products custom for what your hair screams for right now and get a routine on the hair can be crucial.

We will show you some products that helps to sort out the dry, brittle winter hair and get you some small tips on how you can help your hair on the way for anti-static winter.

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evo the therapist, calming shampoo 239;-

evo the great hyderator, moisture mask 219;-

evo the therapist, calming conditioner 239;-

Hair does not regulate to the contrast of the cold air outside and the warm and dry air inside, this makes the hair very dry and brittle. Dry hair becomes static, you have to help it.

Dry hair is a easy fix. With a good moisturizing shampoo, a mask and conditioner you've done half the job.

Beyond those it's also wise to use a leave-in product after you shampooed your hair.

It can be a moisturizing leave-in treatment, an anti-static spray or spray conditioner.

What kind of leave-in depend on what kind of hair you got and your quality.

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R+Co Foil 299;-

Caviar Moisture Milk 424;-

Matrix Total Results 149;-

Many struggle with oily scalp and dry ends during winter. This problem occurs easily because we use hats and bonnets. So friends, the solution is NOT to start washing your hair frenetically hoping you washing the oils away.

Its actually the opposite! When you wash your hair to often the scalp will start to over produce sebum / fat. The results---you're likely to struggle with oily hair longer than necessary.

Problem solution: You can switch shampoo to one that is kind to the scalp, regulates scalps PH value back to normal and helps against oily scalp.

Don't forget that the ends still need moisture so proceed to use moisture mask and conditioner. One hot tip is to use dry shampoo between shampooing, it helps you too go one day longer without washing it.

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Matrix cooling mint, scalp sync 220:-

r+Co death valley, dry shampoo 299;-

Buying new products and not sure what fits you hair best?

Well Hey, that`s our job! You can always ask your hairdresser while you get a cut or color to analyse your hair, what type of hair you have and how is your quality etc.

You can also book a consultation appointment for an analyse and product guide. Don't be afraid, this is what we do best!

As with all products it requires that we are good to maintain a regular routine for our hair. Remember guys, that products only works when they are actually in their hair ;)


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