Love a good beard?

Posted by Kutt Grünerløkka on 10. Apr 2014

Here at Kutt we have shaving products for men. If you like to shave it all, trim it, save it and trim the edges. Here is the products, and what they do for your skin and beard.

Moisturizing shave cream
Is a herbal formula for normal to coarse beard types.
This is a conditioning cream with antioxidants that ensures raiser glide without the skin drying.
If you have dry skin this product also contain soothing aloe and healing avocado oil for protection.
Since the cream is white you can se where you have shaved clearly.
This product can be used with Lubricating shaving oil for an even smoother- closer shave.

Post-shave cooling lotion
Works as a lightweight moisturizing and after shave. Active minerals will help restore skin balance and inhibit inflammation. Tea tree and menthol leaves skin cool and refreshed. This lotion is also in to make a barrier in the skin against environmental  aggressors such as pollution, harsh wind etc.
It also contain a lot of zink that helps the skin renew as it´s moisturizes.

Precision shave gel
A non- foaming formula for normal to fine beards. This clear gel will make the shave a ultimate raisor glide for a clean close shave. Pumpkin seeds extract and tea tree oil will work to soothe skin and defend against flare ups. Can be used for neck clean ups, face sideburns or head. 

Lubricating shave oil
Concentrated irritation prevention. Eucalyptus and clove are just some of the beneficial  oils that counter nicks, racor bumps and ingrown hair. You can shave on the oil and use it as a moisturizer for your beard in everyday routine.

All these products can you find in our salon, come for a consultation and we`ll help you find the right products for you, your skin and beard.

//Kristine, Master stylist at Kutt.



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